A brand new experience by a concrete of TONK.


We bring in an extraordinary identity to living quarters by combining 3d effects of geometric forms with TONK elements.

TONK Project has a flexible and variable selection.

Tonk Family '15 copy.jpg

Each design has a modular structure which can be personalised with additional pieces.
This property provides people opportunity to design their own walls according to their own taste, preference and imagination by playing with tiles.

The TONK range comes in an extensive array of textured designs that can be mixed and matched in an almost endless combination of patterns limited only by your imagination.
— Pavers Plus, Australia
Her bir model kendi içinde farklı diziliş varyasyonlarına sahip olduğu için, Tonk’un sunduğu 10 duvar karosundan toplamda 100’e yakın uygulama şekli elde etmek mümkün.
— Arkitera, Turkey
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