Tonk products are manufactured with the Fibrobeton quality in the factory Fibrobeton. A special research and development area and a small internal plant are provided for Tonk within the factory. Production is performed through the molding and casting method with a composite concrete material developed specially for Tonk products. A special concrete material the strength of which is increased and which is lightened at a rate of 20% is used. According to the preference of the customer, it is possible to release a product colored through pigmentation method.  The products, which are prepared and packaged carefully in the factory, are checked in the Tonk plant and sent to the customer by cargo.

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For each Tonk model critical storage (120 m2) is made. For the orders above these quantities, different delivery time is determined. Sizes of the Tonk models are standard. However, when substantially high quantities are in question, molding in different sizes and forms can be made based on the project. It is recommended that the areas where the products will be applied be unpainted and dry. Application is performed through sealing with a cement-based material. Since the extra parts (wood, metal, plexy, etc.) that can be added on the products can be changed when desired, they can be applied with a temporary adhesive according to the preference of the user.

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